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Canadian Investors Provide Full Financing for International Start Ups Start-Up Visa Program

Canada is a land of great natural wealth with numerous opportunities for new development, and the Canadian Government is now actively encouraging entrepreneurs and experienced businesspeople to immigrate by providing rich financial incentives in conjunction with major investment firms through the Start Up Visa Program.

There's plenty of investment money awaiting entrepreneurs who want to come to Canada

Xenoom is proud to offer a variety of entrepreneur visa programs for international businesspeople who wish to start up a new business here in Canada, or expand existing home-country businesses into Canada. Best of all, entrepreneur-applicants pay only administration fees to Xenoom..... Canadian financial institutions provide all the investment funding for the start up business.

Canada is offering “free money” to entrepreneurs

Canada is a vast country with huge, barely-touched natural resources including oil, coal, gas, timber and wood products, and numerous mineral deposits including gold, silver and other valuable metals. Yet, Canada has a relatively small, aging population that is unable to fully develop its resources in order to continue national economic growth. So, progressive Canadian politicians and business leaders are actively working to bring “fresh talent,” by enacting appropriate legislation to recruit entrepreneurs worldwide.

Xenoom's entrepreneur visa programs provide global entrepreneurs with turnkey start-up business solutions, including full financing for the new business, international travel and logistics, and resettlement for businesspeople and their families moving to Canada to operate the new business. These programs are ideal for energetic, entrepreneurial businesspeople in India, Asia, the United States and other regions who seek profitable opportunities in Canada's booming economy.

As Canada's leading provider of business immigration services, Xenoom ensures that entrepreneur-applicants successfully qualify for the Start Up Visa Program.

The eligibility requirements for the program are straightforward:

  • A Letter of Support from a designated organization

  • Meet basic language requirements and basic education requirements

  • Show sufficient funds for resettlement to Canada

What if the new business fails?

The Canadian Government and investors understand that start-up businesses may struggle, and sometimes fail. To ensure that entrepreneurs are rewarded for helping the Canadian economy grow and diversify, entrepreneurs retain full visa privileges and Canadian residency status regardless of the outcome of the new business venture.

Risk-free opportunities for global entrepreneurs

As the leading business-immigration consultant firm, Xenoom has nearly 10 years of experience in helping businesspeople, investors, students and families move to and do business in Canada. We work closely with the top designated organizations to expedite entrepreneur applications, and we guarantee successful results.

No investment required..... You bring your entrepreneurial skills, we provide everything else